Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Taiwan 2008.. first day & second day. Taipei, Jiu Fen and Kee Long~ 台北西门町、九份、基隆。

First day and second day of Taiwan Trip

Finally, second day finish.. and we reach Taipei station.. gonna back to hotel at xi men~wahaha
Can u see how long the food store at both sides of me??
The cheap cheap and fresh fresh seafood sell at here de pasar malam oso~
nvr try~ haha.. next time laa~
So fast we reach Kee Long~ the pasar malam here damn big~
children is catching fish with those fishing net made by paper~ Interesting..
Jiu Fen sunset~ not bad..
Condom world~ We saw many type and favor of condom inside~ XD
Sausage and fish ball shop.. Jolin, Jacky Wu and Hu Gua try b4~
台湾陶笛shop~ all in Jiu Fen old street
Ah xin's shop selling candy and some packed food~
The house of the drama 转角遇到爱 ~
We are taking photo with Liao uncle and his taxi.. wahaha~
Jiu Fen waterfall.. 1 of the scene of Lan Qiu Huo was took at here.. hehe
Jiu Fen & jing gua shi exit~
Ticket to Rui Fang Town~
Second day~ front of Xi Men Ding.. nobody here bcos the time is just 6am sumthing~
The place xiao bao stand is 1 of the corner of Xi Men..
If i m not wrong, .xiao zhu Gao Xiao MV was took here~ wa..
清心福全~ The best 珍珠奶茶i drink sell here~ Recommend to u guys~
Finally, we reached Xi Men~ the young peoples favourite place~
first feeling of us when reach here is gonna stay here for long time and dun wish to back malaysia~ hahaha
Taipei bus~ ha. .tis bus got TV for each seat.. we are heading to Xi Men Ding~
Jetstar airline~ Tis is the plane we gonna take to Taiwan~
Drinking water while waiting~
Changi Airport Singapore~ checking our flight to Taipei.
My home~ Senai.. Before we depart to the Changi Airport, first photo we take.
The smallest bag is mine~ Time 6am something.. haha

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Pulau Ketam Trip~~
nice and fun~

Ricard san~
wat r u seeing, xiao bao?
camera manssss...
camera mansss oso..
nikon better?
shen2 photo taking~
photo taking again~ haha
discussing camera?
taking photo of dry fish..
possing + bicycling
small kid at pulau ketam
xiaobao: dun scare ya..
eunice: AHHHHH!!!
afternoon at pulau ketam
hahaha~~ sensei dun scare laaaa...
hey dangerous laaa..
go go~~ jalan jalan~~
xiao bao taking photo
wat u 2 taking??
blue house
many zha ba lang things~
semasa menungang basikal + photo taking~ wakaka
Maybank pulau ketam.. all sua ku take photo..
long small road~
ketam sky..
clever dog swimming~~
nice seafood ~
evening pulau ketam
love kani island..
Klang port
Eunice's eye sooooooo BIG!!

~Photo by SP~
thanks for viewing